Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspired by Fall...

Can you smell it?! It's the smell of pumpkin bread, sharpened No. 2 pencils, burning leaves. Oh, I love these smells! Fall is approaching! My favorite season. I love everything about fall; the cooler temperatures, the ability to wear long sleeve tshirts and sweatshirts without getting a funny look (I wear them even in the summer), holidays, and oh school supplies! I'm so content in the fall. Everything in fall inspires me to create something. The colors of the trees, the fun new school supplies that come out each year, acorns and harvesting my garden's vegetables. I love the line in the movie, "You've Got Mail," where they are talking about sending someone a bouquet of No. 2 pencils, I would love getting that as a gift! So to inspire all of you and just make me happy here are some images of fall. I'm also including a few new products of mine inspired by fall.

 The four above images are from
As promised, here are a few new shirt designs! I've created other products and their pictures are still waiting to be taken.


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