Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to NiteOwl Designs in a brand new year! I call myself NiteOwl Designs because I do primarily most of my work at night after my girls go to sleep. I stay up way past my bed time and wake when the first child wakes. If I’m lucky it’s after 7:30 am, but I’m usually not. I do not catch the worm as I am not an early bird. My day usually includes sewing, creating patterns, surfing the web for inspiration, and watching my very imaginative children play. I am also blessed to be able to watch Strawberry Shortcake go to Berrywood at least 3 times a day.

I’m infatuated with handmade, crafty things and am slowly adding more to my home. I love the idea of purchasing everything at flea markets and thrift stores, though I don’t think I could survive without my weekly trips to Target.  I dream of living a simpler life, not worrying so much about things and definitely not worrying about money. 

Change is important. I rearrange my furniture at least every 6 months, and although I have painted my living room only a little over a year ago, I am researching what new color to paint my living room. I’m thinking a pale yellow-green.
Just a little bit about me…More to come. 

Happy New Year and I hope all your resolutions come true.


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