Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My web searches have led me to realize that I do love vintage items. I mean those things my grandmother and yes, even my mom had in their rooms and homes when they were my age. I’ve seen some items from the 1980’s in my searches and I will refuse to believe that these items are now considered “vintage.” Does that make me “vintage”? But don’t take me wrong, I love all the old 80’s things I grew up with and I wish that they didn’t have to change all the characters as they brought them into the 21st century. But I digress. I love the almost weird, unusually pieces that can be redone into something simply gorgeous. You know, those really ugly harvest gold and olive green statues that can be bought for a few dollars and spray painted a bright turquoise or hot pink? I think I will go to Goodwill or an antique store this weekend… How can I get this look into my children’s shirts? Something to ponder.

Source: Dottie Angel


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