Friday, May 20, 2011

Market Day!

I’m so excited to be invited to participate in a series of craft shows called Market Day Iowa. Here is how their website describes this event, “Market Day is a casual monthly market for art, vintage, found items, homemade and handmade goods. We are the only monthly indie craft market around. Market Day is always free to attend.

We’re passionate about people who MAKE things and CURATE really awesome collections. We aren’t picky about WHAT people make – we have clay pieces, and cupcakes, and screen-printed bags, and up-cycled jewelry, and vintages dresses and all sorts of other awesome stuff – just so long as what vendors bring to Market Day is original, creative, and not overly commercial in nature. We carefully curate our vendors so that Market Day brings the coolest selection of creative goods around.

Market Day is a seasonal event and runs the last Saturday of every month, May through October. Our first date in 2011 in May 28th. We also have a special Black Friday sale the day after Thanksgiving. Six of our seven dates overlap with the nearby Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market.” Doesn’t sound cool! I’ve been scouring garage sales and thrift stores for some cheap yet creative ways to display my shirts/onesies and other products I’m trying out.


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