Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Owl Make a List

I’m a list maker. And boy do I have a to do list for this summer. I’m only hoping I have enough energy to get off my bum and finish them. In no particular order, here is my list…

  1. Paint the trim in my bedroom white (and hopefully start painting other trim throughout my house).
  2. Paint my kitchen cabinets. My kitchen is stuck in the 70s/80s and I’m desperately trying to bring it up to date on a very tight budget.  I’m thinking about all white or white on top and a gray on the bottom cabinets.
  3. Figure out how to upgrade or paint my kitchen counter tops. I’ve heard you can paint counter tops with a special paint, but I’m not sure how durable it is and whether or not I want to try it in my kitchen—where I prepare food.
  4.  Add more flower gardens to my yard. Also I need to remove a few ugly bushes in my front yard and add some pretty bushes/flowers.
  5. Refinish and paint my dresser found on the side of the road a pretty color. Who doesn’t love free things? I personally love to get things for free, especially if I was looking to buy one. I’m debating on putting this dresser in my craft room or my living room. Both could use more storage.
  6. During one of my insane moments, I have decided to have a garage sale this summer. So I suppose I need to start going through my whole house to decide what I don’t need/want anymore and make a large pile. In that same thought, I will have to convince my husband to remove a few pieces of furniture/decorations... My children won’t know what hit them (I’m not even going to ask—that’s what bed time is for!)
  7. Learn to quilt? Not sure if this will happen this summer or if it will have to wait for fall (when my girls start preschool, when I have free time without my children, when I can relax for a few hours a week!) I need patience to make it to fall!


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